Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newborn Beckett {Sun Prairie Portrait Photographer}

Have I said lately how much I love newborns? Well I do! Not only are they fun to shoot (and exhausting, but so so fun), they are fun to edit! Here's my newest newborn that I shot on Sunday. He was not a fan of being naked, and had a hard time falling asleep at first, but after awhile, I finally wore him out! His older brother was my very first newborn. You can see those pictures here and here, but please, don't judge, I was just starting out, haha.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For a gift {Sun Prairie Portrait Photographer}

I absolutely get so much joy when I get requests to take portraits because they want to give it as a gift to someone else. I think pictures are one of the best gifts you can give someone. Can you tell that these two are sisters? They want to give the picture of all of them to their parents for Christmas. It was fun taking some family shots, engagement shots, and some shots of the kids. Enjoy your sneak peek!

One amazing family {Sun Prairie Portrait Photographer}

I LOVE this family, although I am a bit biased. This is my sister's family. We had planned on taking pictures all summer thinking Labor Day weekend would be nice and warm, but we were wrong. The high was 66 that day and WINDY! My poor sister couldn't use the cute dresses she had out for the girls (or the headbands I made them), and had to run to the store to find something else more appropriate for the weather. I have to say, these coordinating shirts were adorable. The girls were also stoked cause they got to wear their cowboy boots!

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